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Green mountain radio was started out of a love for music.  While commercial radio stations play lots of music, its not always the best music.  And many radio stations follow very strict programming rules.  They only play the music that all the other stations are playing.  Commercial radio is about playing the same music over and over again, not about promoting unknown artists.  Green mountain radio is my passion.  I am Val Davis.  I have been in radio since 1974.  I love being on the air and sharing my life with the listeners, but I don’t like the music for the most part.  Once in a while a great song comes along, but then we play it 10,000 per month until I can’t stand hearing it any more.  GMR plays great music.  Some by artists you will know, but there may be a good number of songs you don’t know, by artists you have never heard of.    Its these hidden gems that I love to share with folks.  The world is full of great artists and I love finding them and bringing them to you.   If you know of any artists you would like me to add to the play-list, please email music@greenmtnradio.com.   I hope you enjoy GMR.


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