Is the world getting crazier or is the coverage just much better?

by on July 18, 2016 at 2:44 pm

As we watch the news it seems that things are getting worse and worse. ?But are they really? ? I was reading the story today about the truck that killed 241 US Soldiers during the Beirut bombing attack in 1983. ?There have always been terrible things going on in the world. ?There have always been serial killers and suicide bombers. ?People kill abortion clinic doctors, abduct and kill children, kill their family members, bomb foreign countries….etc. ?It seems it is part of the human condition that people are violent with one another. ?What is new is the constant 24 hour barrage of media covering the violence. ?Yesterday on NPR “On The Media” was dropped for hour long coverage of the shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge. ? This is purely a publicity game designed to increase the ratings of the radio/tv/Internet media presenting the story. ?Do you need to hear all the gory details? ?Do you need to be told over and over again the same story?

While the media reports on the evident effect of “copy cat crimes” they don’t accept the responsibility for the phenomenon. ? Someone thinking about being violent might certainly be goaded into action by hearing the story over and over again. ? ? Does it do us any good to hear about the tragedies all over the world that we cannot do anything to change? ?If there are causes you would like to wrap your life around, by all means do so like feeding starving children, housing the homeless etc.

I have started turning it off. ? We get to choose whats in our heads and hearts. ?While I can’t deny that these things happen in the world, ?I don’t have spend my time wallowing in it. ?I can make an effort to find the good things that happen in the world as well and there are good things; ?acts of kindness, technological breakthroughs, works of art and expressions of joy. ? We can seek these out and make them a part of our daily lives. ?Turn off the news. ? Everyday is a blank slate for you.

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