Its getting springy around here and that ain’t right.

by on March 12, 2016 at 8:35 am

The lack of winter around these parts has been strange and troubling both from an environmental perspective and from a economic perspective.  Weather experts say that this was the warmest winter on record nationally which may be attributed to climate change.  It is hoped that warmer winters are not becoming the norm as snow and the tourism industries based on it bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the state each year.  In addition to the snow the maple industry is estimated to bring in 300 million  per year and the cycle of cold nights and mildly warmer days is necessary for the stuff to flow.   We just came through a stretch of 50s during the day and not quite freezing at night.  The maple producers I have talked to say this is not good maple producing weather.

Have we come to far?  Is it too late to begin to maybe turn back the effects of climate change or maybe stop it where it is?   The consensus seems to be that we need to do all we can to slow it down, but that the bucket has tipped already.

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