Green Mountains becoming greener

by on March 6, 2016 at 11:30 am

Both Vermont’s Senate Finance Committee and The Vermont State Senate have approved the legalization of marijuana.  The bill now goes to the Vermont House.  If it passes that hurdle it will be forwarded on to Gov. Peter Shumlin’s desk.  He has voiced his support for legalization many times but the prize is not won yet.   The House is where the bill is meeting the most opposition.   Speaker of the House Shap Smith said moving the bill through the House “will take work” and he has voiced concern about the legalization of marijuana.   As it moves through the process we should expect that there will be amendments that will put licensing and restrictions on growers.

Even though the large majority of information was incorrect and fabricated the propaganda used over the last 70 years to deter marijuana cultivation has become a core belief for many.  Even though there countless studies now available which show marijuana to be more blessing than curse, its hard for people to change core beliefs.  Hopefully our leaders will be able to step outside of their assumptions and beliefs and make decisions based on fact.   In addition to the monetary benefits, marijuana legalization would make pain relief available to many who now depend on the addictive and destructive prescriptions that are widely prescribed.  The other benefit is that people will not be locked up for something that is clearly not a crime.



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