Trump is popular? Am I on crazy pills?

by on March 6, 2016 at 11:05 am

I cannot begin to express how confused, frustrated and downright terrified the state of Republican primary has me.  That so many people would blindly support this man is deeply troubling.  He is openly prejudice and hateful and people seem to be flocking to him.  I am shocked to discover that there are so many people who share his feelings and have been hiding it.  He has given them permission to express their dark feelings in public and they are becoming more and more aggressive and vocal.  It is my hope that masses of people will stand up and make sure he is defeated, but with the state of his supporters I worry that violence will erupt.  His supporters are clearly not thinking, rational or compassionate people.   Lets hope for the best as we work to put someone sane in the office.

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